About Deirdre

Originally a photographer, I found that I spent all my time in the darkroom creating and manipulating the image developing on the paper. 

Not 100% satisfied with just photography I later returned to school to study graphic design and started an advertising agency with my husband but still, there was something missing. 

Always the perpetual student I dabbled in evening classes like ceramics, web design, samba dancing, welding and letterpress printing. With letterpress, it was love at first ink. 

Letterpress allows me to combine my love of idea creation with my love of image creation. It's like if graphic design married photographic printing and had a baby.

Guest Designers

Occasionally the wonderful, creative and sexy* Bob Thompson crafts up some beautiful designs for Arts & Rec Press. He often brings a much needed male perspective to world of greeting cards and is the designer of the Tough Love series in my card line. 

* incase you haven't figured it out, Bob is also my always kind and often hilarious husband. 

Portlander Deirdre Thompson is the artist behind Arts and Rec Letterpress. A designer by day, she wanted to step away from the computer to make her art. “I was looking for a more hands-on, personal and thoughtful process,” she says. From cutting paper to mixing ink, her whole artistic process is now hands-on. Her typographic holiday cards and gift tags are perfect for the season.